Education Policy [Image Due]

"We do a lot by doing a little, if we do it for God and as he wills" (Fr. Peter Marie Mermier)

    The Fransalian Educational policy draws inspiration from the Gospels, teachings of the church, patron St. Francis de Sales and the founder Fr. Peter Marie Mermier. The Fransalians have also been guided by the report "A Pastoral plan for Catholic Schools", and "The National Policy on Education", visualizing the need of the hour and the changing modern trends in educational philosophy "The Preamble" on educational policy is formulated that emphasizes the following -
    a) To ensure proper co-ordination in the training of students at various stages.
    b) To develop better understanding of the students needs.
    c) To inculcate scientific temper, and an analytical mind, to analyse and evaluate one's performance.
    d) To strengthen the fundamental principles and gospel values in the educators.
    e) To promote the forces of integration, secularism and democracy.
    f) To uphold justice, liberty and fraternity despite all social economic and cultural differences prevailing in society.
    g) To aim at developing an integrated all round personality of a child who is healthy in mind and sound in body, and possesses a strong moral character. The following aspects are to be integrated and emphasized by the Fransalians.

1. Spiritual growth                     4. Pursuit of virtues
2. Physical growth 5. Develop creativity
3. Emotional growth 6. Develop intellectual ability