The Congregation of Fransalians a body of Priests and brothers was founded at Annecy in France. The motherhouse of Fransalians is still at Annecy. Fr. Peter Marie Mermier (1790-1862) founded the congregation of missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (MSFS) in 1838 to bring about the renewal of Christian life, to evangelise people and to educate the youth. Since then, the congregation has been engaged in three main forms of apostolate Parish mission, foreign mission and the education of the young. The first batch of MSFS landed in Pondicherry on 8th September 1845. The congregation entrusted the vicariate of Visakhapatnam to MSFS on 2nd May 1848. It became a Province in 1965 and Nagpur was bifurcated and made into another province in the same year, ie. 1965. The confreres in France and Switzerland were directly under the Superior General till 1959. It became a region in 1960 and a province in 1965 similarly England and Brazil also became Province in 1965. East Africa became Province in 1996. Pune Province was carved out of erst while Maharashtra, Goa Province in 1996. Thus the congregation became empowered and has today 9 Major Provinces, and 4 effective missions.

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