We Expect the Parents

  1. To attend PTM regularly.
  2. To maintain regular contact with the school.
  3. To check School Handbook everyday and sign the teacher's remarks, if any.
  4. To encourage the child in the habit of neatness.
  5. To send leave application and get prior sanction.
  6. To report the child's absence due to illness or infectious disease at once and send him/her to school, only after recovery from illness.
  7. To encourage the child to speak in English at home.
  8. To be regular in payment of fees at the prescribed time.
  9. Not to take the child home during the school hours or after exams/test etc.
  10. Not to send the child to school when he/she is suffering from any disease/infection.
  11. Not to meet the teachers during the school hours directly without prior permission from the Principal.
  12. Not to visit the class room or school ground during the class hours.
  13. To cooperate with the school to get the best from the school for your ward.

Parents's Visit

  1. Parents/Guardians shall visit the school and the teachers only on 2nd Saturday. At other times, with the prior permission of the Principal.
"Parent can only give good advice, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands." ANNE FRANK