St. Francis De Sales History

A Brief sketch of St. Francis De Sales Sr. Sec. School, Gangapur City St. Francis De. Sales School was founded by the Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales, who are working in India since 1845. As a catholic institution we are working not only for the intellectual, cultural and physical development of our children from earliest stages but also for the formation of character by inculcating sound moral principles, so that they grow up as good children of God and responsible citizens of our country. This school owned and managed by the Fransalian Educational Society had its humble beginning in a rented building at saloda mode, Gangapur City since 2001. It has an educative mission with special favour for the lower middle class and the poor. This school is open to all, irrespective of caste and creed. Over the years and through a diversity of projects, the Fransalian focus has always been "Service to youth" according to the pedagogy and the spirit of Fr. Mermeir the founder. Within 18 years we have become a full fledged school with all the infra structures such as smart board, computer lab, language lab, library, auditorium, children's park, basket ball court, volleyball court, football ground, badminton, table tennis etc. The school provides ample of opportunities for the all round development of the children with a number of co-curricular activities. So far many students appeared for the HSC and SSC examination and we have witnessed 100% result due to the hard work put in by the committed and dedicated staff. Education of children is the joint responsibility of the school authorities and the parents. Hence the co-operation of the parents is required to ensure the progress of child in studies. While helping the children to do their homework and supervising their studies, parents and guardians should remember that self help is the best help. Besides trying to achieve its aim, the institution tries its best to inculcate in every student the true spirit of social awareness. To serve God is to serve man. Every student therefore must cultivate respect for and interest in the welfare of the other. This is the true way of formation of character, discipline and individual personality according to the need of the time. Value education is obligatory for all students. Since the formation of a sound moral character is in the truest sense the worthy objective of education, Value Education is an integral part of the institution. "Education of the Heart is the Heart of Education." SFS